The GHIBLI Group Ltd., is a fashion apparel company, ran by the Gerakis family, who is in this specific sector since 1947.
The sole administrator of the company is Mr. Michael Gerakis.

The Gerakis family has a lengthy experience in the field of commerce and trade, with an eclectic distinction in fashion – styling and accessories for ladies and gentlemen.

Michael is the heir of a family that dealt in the specific field for four generations. His old commercial cell speaks by itself in the way he runs the company. Clarity and dignity are the values that Michael interacts with his suppliers and customers. These are the unconditional qualities that he holds tight in his gins.

Having an inherited tradition in business led him to the choice of the GHIBLI brand name for his company denomination. The name GHIBLI is bound to his country of origin, being Tripoli-Libya

The GHIBLI is a dry hot wind coming from the Sahara desert. Along its way carries a golden, powdery sand, that infiltrates everywhere. When the wind reaches the cities’ doorstep, the sky changes color becomes shadowy yellow, and the horizon’s demarcation line is not easily distinguished between earth and sky. When the GHIBLI ends its cycle, a thorough rain falls down, purifying the atmosphere.

The strength and the endurance of “THE GHIBLI” wind convinced us that will transfer the sense of its golden power to all of you.

GHIBLI’s goal is to fulfill the market’s demand in terms of endurance, resistance, delicacy and existence.

The GHIBLI GROUP LTD., will maintain its presence in the Hellenic market for as long as the wind exists.

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